Age range:  3 to 17 yrs

Class length: 75/90 minutes/session

Class Schedule: 1 to 2 days/ week

Course Schedule: 1st of every month

Course Completion: July every year

Course Duration: 4 terms (September to July every year)

After-school programme at Kids Corner is an age based all-rounded developmental programme aimed at building children’s English reading, speaking, writing and listening skills while exercising a child’s creativity and critical thinking in a playful environment through STEAM. STEAM empowers project-based learning and fosters an inclusive learning environment where all students are able to engage and contribute.


A rare encounter with the creator of

Kid's box series, Michael Tomlinson of the famous Cambridge!!

( Right: Founder Ms Christi and Left: Manager Ms Crystal)

Specially for students who want to prepare for the Cambridge English: Flyers exam or simply succeeded in achieving level A1 and wish to progress further. It covers:
• structures and vocabulary needed for the Cambridge English: Flyers exam
• extra skills practice: reading, speaking, writing.


Limited space only 剩下少量學位
Limited space only 剩下少量學位





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Our Afterschool programme helps student prepare for a wide range of internationally recognised English language examinations.


Give children a head start in English

Member of the British Council Cambridge Examinations


Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests, aimed at children aged 5 and above up to lower secondary education.


Internationally-recongnised Certificate


GESE exams are designed to complement general English language courses, and focus on building confidence and motivation in English language communication.


Authorised Examination Centre for 10 years


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