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Age range: 3 to 4 years old

Class size : 6-10 students
Duration :
60 mins (per session)

Phonics and Play Programme, the first step on your child's path to reading

Phonics and Play課程,你孩子的閱讀道路的第一步

Before your child begins to read, he is learning about the way letters and sounds work together to form words. Phonemic awareness and phonics are the first steps a child makes in the journey of beginning to read.

Phonics and Play program provides lots of opportunities for your child to listen and to play with the sounds, these playful processes are a part of phonemic awareness, which found to be the best predictor of reading success.

Each sound is practiced and revised in a segment of two lessons during which not only do we introduce the sound (phoneme) and its visual representation (as both a written symbol and a gesture).

Lessons are themed based and filled with aged-appropriate games and activities, fine motor skills training, music, arts and crafts as well as storytelling in order to contextualize it and facilitate knowledge retention.




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