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Age range: Newborn to 1 years old

Duration : 45 mins (per session)

Teacher : Student 1:8

Baby & Me introduces children to their first musical experience in a joyful and safe environment.

The programme aims to engage parents and their newborns, infants and crawlers in various activities to develop and enhance the parent and child relationship.


Baby & Me is packed with fun-filled activities suitable for parents and their children who are still learning to walk, including baby gymnastics, group dance, instrument play, sensory exploration, baby massage and yoga exercises. Join us at our Baby & Me and watch your child as they start to engage in these various fun activities.



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Baby & Me Gallery

Playgroup Series for Babies & Toddlers

These series of program meets the

•  USA early childhood requirements of the  

   National Institute for Early Education    Research   (NIEER)


•  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)   

   framework in the UK


•  Common European Framework of    

   References for Languages (CEFR) developed    

   by the Council of Europe


•  TESOL English Language Proficiency    

    Standards for Pre-K

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