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We aimed to promote reading and holistic development and creating the happy reading atmosphere beyond a typical classroom setting. 


Reading Club is a place where your child could read freely and discover books based on his/her interest, to think, to share, to discuss and to enjoy the fun of reading.

Cambridge Reading Adventure

It is a guided reading scheme follows the International Literacy Centre’s Book band framework, and includes a wide range of pedagogical features which supports early Primary reading. 

- Eleven books bands from being a wholly new reader in 
   the Pink Bands to being fluent and independent readers
   able to engage with the wider curriculum at Gold and 
   White Band level
- includes both fiction and non-fiction topics, covering a 
   wide range of subjects
- Stories are set in international contexts and include 
   traditional and animal tales, contemporary or historic 
   settings, as well as non-fiction reports and explanations

Our Suggested Reading Program:
Benefits of early reading:
  • It is a key to your child's academic future

  • Early reader have greater general knowledge, expand their vocabulary and become more fluent at reading

  • Reading promotes greater maturity, increased discipline, and curiosity.

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